Monday, October 20, 2008


Salam Sejahtera

Perhaps, the moments we have in this world is really in short term. Perhaps, we will died when we are 80 years old or maybe earlier than that.

In achieving ambitions or visions we need to do so many tings to realized it. But, in our struggled we always felt down or to be some one else.

Especially when we died soon.

Last saturday I'm attending my friend open house and meet some of officemates that some how I felt they are not in good manners. For that, I'm asking for apologize.

I tried very hard too cover my shame by laughing together as WYSIWYG. My wife reaction not really accepted the attitudes showed. She's not complaining to me but her face shown otherwise.
How we behave, we need to realised something important... Look surrounding you and pleased showed respected to others.
Especially for women, the behaved looks like unaccepted... and people will look down to us.

However, I'm full...burp... alhamdulillah.

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