Tuesday, October 7, 2008


This week we start working and feel so anxious. Perhaps holiday continued for longer celebration events. I do not know what I really need to feel because in some reasons the holidays seem not every time joys and celebrates.

I'm entered office yesterday morning and some how feel little bits life and fulfill the day. Maybe, I'm not active or social person that required alots of communications among others.

Yes, in which day we will feel we do not know what we want to do? Right? I called it as Unknown Day just waiting and waiting. Not waiting for the death but waiting for unknown clues or purposes, just sit there quietly and then sleep calmly like a monster, snoaring and make us fat like a pig(?) uh! sorry for that.

What we wish to do and have? Hobby? It's just a way but we need so many alternatives to do when we are seem loosing our way with nothing to do. My suggestion is to plan what we need to do even for unknown day need to be scheduled. I will try this week and I will tell you next week what happened or result would be.

Adios my friend. Happy Unknown Days and Salam Hari raya...:)

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