Monday, October 20, 2008


Salam Sejahtera

Perhaps, the moments we have in this world is really in short term. Perhaps, we will died when we are 80 years old or maybe earlier than that.

In achieving ambitions or visions we need to do so many tings to realized it. But, in our struggled we always felt down or to be some one else.

Especially when we died soon.

Last saturday I'm attending my friend open house and meet some of officemates that some how I felt they are not in good manners. For that, I'm asking for apologize.

I tried very hard too cover my shame by laughing together as WYSIWYG. My wife reaction not really accepted the attitudes showed. She's not complaining to me but her face shown otherwise.
How we behave, we need to realised something important... Look surrounding you and pleased showed respected to others.
Especially for women, the behaved looks like unaccepted... and people will look down to us.

However, I'm full...burp... alhamdulillah.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

It's Very Hard Way

Salam Hormat and Good Day,

Past weeks I have made a promised to myself to made a schedule including unknown days but perhaps, I tell you it's hard and so hard to make it real. So for that, I'm apologized, really from my bottom of my heart. However, I'll try some days... maybe. Another things, I'm really busy, year 2008 end just around the corner, so many things to cover up, finish up and so on...for perfect finishing touch..hahaha.

Alright, on last Wednesday and Thursday, I have attended two series in-house training by the tittle... Management of HEM by one of PPD staff. I'm not sure whether it's really HEM operation explanations or really we already known all the task supposedly by HEM for two days lectures.

Let see, for Wednesday's contents we have been told about:
1. Lecturer or Speaker backgrounds.
2. Contents in his laptop that various.
3. The table file regarding HEM...objectives, mission, all general things should have in the file.
4. Sexual harassment, types of disciplinary, rules and regulations of standardization (2009).

Then, on Thursday:
1. Food and Hygiene.
2. Canes Crime Punishments.
3. Q&A

There is only one question:
How to apply to be a police volunteer?

So, guys..what do you it relevant?


Thursday, October 9, 2008



Last Tuesday I'm following internal course by the tittle of "Stress Management". It's start late afternoon with all my colleagues. The speech or lecture given around two hours by a famous person that author of 'Asbalis' (I think).

The motivator giving good information relating of stress and how to manage it. Exactly, stress or boring, tension, pressure, unpleasant etc are being normal nowadays. Perhaps, everyone of us facing same problems.

I still remember when I was child, the word boring seems awkward, never heard before. Maybe, on that time, the word boring is something that not reliable felt or happened. I'm also never heard other people or my family and relatives said boring. My world don't have boring situation.

I'm firstly used that word when I'm 15 years old, influenced by television programes that always using 'boring' in their action. Then, tension. I heard and used that when I'm 21 years old. I'm being influenced by my older friends that commonly used when they are facing problems.

Lastly, the word of 'stress', I'm used of it when I'm in final year onwards. WHY? boring,tension and stress indefinitely
never dissapier from our life. It's just happened. That is what common people states.

But for me, the term of words seem being teach by 'intangible hand'. I imagine if I never heard all those words. Maybe, I will be a better person(?). Maybe, my hair still thick on my head...:)

Overwhelming or overcome stress become complex day by day. I have heard the stress management few years ago and it seems the technic growth dramtically various and miscellanious happening...japan styles...english styles...asian styles-traditionally... origin styles and so on. Wow! even for the cause of stress more details than before, including the effects from stress.

I do not know to overcome stress when I'm lack of finance resources(no money) others than borrowing others. I think, maybe people who have an idea have good potential interm to overcome financial problems, reducing stress. Write a book about it and I think it will go global market. Think about it...oh I see some of us already stress.

Sorry my friends, I'm STRESS!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


This week we start working and feel so anxious. Perhaps holiday continued for longer celebration events. I do not know what I really need to feel because in some reasons the holidays seem not every time joys and celebrates.

I'm entered office yesterday morning and some how feel little bits life and fulfill the day. Maybe, I'm not active or social person that required alots of communications among others.

Yes, in which day we will feel we do not know what we want to do? Right? I called it as Unknown Day just waiting and waiting. Not waiting for the death but waiting for unknown clues or purposes, just sit there quietly and then sleep calmly like a monster, snoaring and make us fat like a pig(?) uh! sorry for that.

What we wish to do and have? Hobby? It's just a way but we need so many alternatives to do when we are seem loosing our way with nothing to do. My suggestion is to plan what we need to do even for unknown day need to be scheduled. I will try this week and I will tell you next week what happened or result would be.

Adios my friend. Happy Unknown Days and Salam Hari raya...:)

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Rumah Terbuka Hari Raya

Sambutan raya ke lima...

Sambutan raya masih lagi meriah. Rumah-rumah terbuka dibuat bagi meraikan dan memeriahkan suasana hari raya. Ada yang membuat jamuan rumah terbuka terhad, tertutup dan benar-benar terbuka. Walau apa pun semuanya meraikan bulan syawal mengikut kemampuan masing-masing.
Persoalannya rumah terbuka itu dikunjungi atau tidak bukan menjadi persoalan. Persoalannya tidak harus merasa kecil hati kerana biasanya kita juga tidak menghadiri rumah terbuka yang di adakan atau majlis kenduri-kendara yang di adakan.
Oleh itu, terpulanglah masing-masing meraikannya dengan hati terbuka dan ikhlas.
Wassalam wbr.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

...Buat Jahat Jangan Sekali-kali

Assalamualaikum wbr...Hi..

Dalam melayan tetamu yang tak berhenti kunjung tiba, menanti-nanti kaum keluarga, sanak saudara dan rakan taulan. Ada sesetengah orang menunggu dalam kerisauan jika ada kedatangan orang yang tidak dikehendaki. Ya, mungkin pencuri atau perompak yang menghapuskan 'mood' berhari raya atau kenduri-kendara atau mungkin majlis.
Bagaimana kalau kategori orang yang tidak dikehendaki ini merupakan orang yang kita kenal luar dan dalam yang 'gelap' bukan dari segi dosa yang telah atau sedang di buat tetapi 'dosa' yang mungkin terjadi yang menyebabkan kesakitan yang tidak mahu dirasai.
Cara yang terbaik adalah dengan berterus-terang dengannya atau melalui orang lain yang mengenalinya dengan menyatakan "Awak tidak dikehendaki!".
Melarikan diri hanya mengundang kepayahan berterusan. Ia hanya merupakan bius sementara. Begitulah realitinya jika kita melakukan 'dosa' yang tidak mudah terampun walaupun ia bukanlah melibatkan diri kita tetapi kepada orang lain. Jadi, individu 'unwanted' perlulah bermuhasabah diri. Nescaya kepercayaan akan kembali cuma ianya mungkin agak lama untuk disahkan oleh orang lain.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

2nd Hari Raya Celebrations...

Assalamualaikum wbr and good day...

Perhaps, there are good ceremony happening in term of resting and celebrating among friends and relatives. 'Kuih raya' and also 'duit raya' being accessories that commonly demand and offer or maybe being too related enforced to do so...
Diversity of races enjoying of celebration begin to be modern tradition for hari raya. I could not imagine if Malaysia stand by 'only' one race. It's hard to expect. Maybe, people will not dare to travel unless petrol or diesel in stock largely keep in vehicles' bonnets.
How about general groceries such as ice cubes, rice, sugar,salt,milk and so on.Where to buy it...ohh supermarket. Kampung(?) do you think supermarket available nearby?

Wassalam wbr...

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

My way...

I have heard about so many tips, stories, politics analysis, gossips etc. Actually, the last we need to decide is judging from your own prospectus or view that compromised with you need and environments surrounding us or yourself.
We can not says what other peoples stands because we will never know what would be in the future. May be its look alike what we predict. But please its just coincidence. We just believed in term of inhumanity that given facts result.
Bak kata seorang rakan saya "menguruskan manusia tidak semudah menguruskan benda yang boleh digerakkan mengikut kehendak hati kita".
So everyone just do it your own way but please do it with good law obedient and ofcause religion Islam Allah SWT rules and regulations that fixed.