Thursday, October 9, 2008



Last Tuesday I'm following internal course by the tittle of "Stress Management". It's start late afternoon with all my colleagues. The speech or lecture given around two hours by a famous person that author of 'Asbalis' (I think).

The motivator giving good information relating of stress and how to manage it. Exactly, stress or boring, tension, pressure, unpleasant etc are being normal nowadays. Perhaps, everyone of us facing same problems.

I still remember when I was child, the word boring seems awkward, never heard before. Maybe, on that time, the word boring is something that not reliable felt or happened. I'm also never heard other people or my family and relatives said boring. My world don't have boring situation.

I'm firstly used that word when I'm 15 years old, influenced by television programes that always using 'boring' in their action. Then, tension. I heard and used that when I'm 21 years old. I'm being influenced by my older friends that commonly used when they are facing problems.

Lastly, the word of 'stress', I'm used of it when I'm in final year onwards. WHY? boring,tension and stress indefinitely
never dissapier from our life. It's just happened. That is what common people states.

But for me, the term of words seem being teach by 'intangible hand'. I imagine if I never heard all those words. Maybe, I will be a better person(?). Maybe, my hair still thick on my head...:)

Overwhelming or overcome stress become complex day by day. I have heard the stress management few years ago and it seems the technic growth dramtically various and miscellanious happening...japan styles...english styles...asian styles-traditionally... origin styles and so on. Wow! even for the cause of stress more details than before, including the effects from stress.

I do not know to overcome stress when I'm lack of finance resources(no money) others than borrowing others. I think, maybe people who have an idea have good potential interm to overcome financial problems, reducing stress. Write a book about it and I think it will go global market. Think about it...oh I see some of us already stress.

Sorry my friends, I'm STRESS!

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