Monday, September 27, 2010


PERHAPS... this year is my lucky year, the good things happened more than the bad things. PERHAPS... next-next year to come being more positive in coming.

On 1st September 2010, my new born baby girl, Nor Aisyah Insyirah was born. My counsin, ZAfirah SAlim married on 25 and 27 September 2010. Congratulation to her. Unfortunately I'm not attended the wed because my wife in 'pantang' period(caeseran) that need to take care. I just moved to new house and pass my PTK's examination.

PERHAPS... THIS, TO REMIND Me all the tasks that need to accomplish by Allah's servant. All the goods that we have is just a loan that need to understand clearly and deeply. But, some people are neglected by too much arrogant and likely happily life ever after.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

My youngest Son:Ahmad Fakhri Al-Hafiz

Today is the day that being remembered all the time. Memorable for this year, my son, Ahmad Fakhri Al-Hafiz being operated for his hernia. At thinks) he being in the operation room. I'm brought him in and comfort him when he cried frightening the room and several pupil wearing masks and blue uniforms and plenty of medical equipments surrounding us.
I'm still hugging him and put him on the bed tried to calm him until he 'sleep' thorough gas, on his mouth.
Before that, several questions being asked, the name, IC No., the DOB etc... I'm slight panicked and loosed the answers. The truth is, I'm worrying, look calm but disaster ed in depth. Prayed all be alright.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Bad Behaviour(?)

I'm sick for two days because of chest pain. It's terrible that caused me to rethink what I want to do next. Exactly, I 'm afraid that I'll be one of the victim of heart problem. I'm really assure that I will not be the one.
Why? I don't have the answer. Just let it be.

For several days, I heard and read about our Mr. Anwar Ibrahim v/s Saiful. I afraid to say that it's weird thinks to say about. Yes, about sex behaviour of personal that called muslim. I don't know who can I trust and waited for the justice that conquered all.

Why this sex oriented being issues to condemned Anwar Ibrahim? Why Saiful being so brave to bring it to the court? As a normal person, I will say that something is happened in our political way. I cannot say who are falsed,faked or right. I just human being that says... enough is enough. How about we just forget the case and just wait what is the court decision. I believed it will be fair and square.

I do not believe that the judge is awful person. He is the choosen one. Who are we depend on to get the justice. We need to remember when we were child we have ambition that have the good purposed.

For supporter of Anwar Ibrahim, just clear your mind to accept what ever the decision will made. True or false is objective. For Saiful, just pleased if you are right, do not afraid if you are the victim. Sure, you will win. Both of you...Good luck.

Friday, January 22, 2010

This what happened in some of the agency that thought that the clients are nothing but them. Instead of lying to say what ever they wish the clients believed but forced to believed. Unfortunately their loosed their opportunity with an assumption the clients will not know. I have called the BSN Credit Card Centre for info regarding something, the Customer Service giving a huge mistake by saying the unfortunately respond by stated that I'm buying this with extra RM7.00++ instead by the way the receipt beside me and say this what happened... That is the BSN. Then, The Proton Service Centre at Bercham,Ipoh Perak called Gerak Roda Services have charging more than it should have with hopeless service. Just for your information, there also say no warranty at all after the sales... But the bills show vise verse with 6 months or 10000km which earlier in term of warranty periods.
The Supervisor at first when I asked for Proton Service, all parts need replaced with not assure there will be replaced if damages. Gush..what the terrible hopeless junkyard(sorry). I don't like this particular fellow and the service centre.
Everything need money but for Malaysian in service field need to analyzed this bad behaviour. We will not globalized by saying with no truth at all. I have seen many years of the business that sustained with good service and sound of honours that pictures by their clients. Good lying must come with good and quality service.
However, if I'm mistaked that some parties feels. You must now I'm the client. So client is always right.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

first day job on 2010

PERHAPS, this year of 2010 begin with full of gratitude to Allah SWT. Inspired by the 'aura' given by surrounding whispered to say.."Carrying on my dear"...Enthusiasm to strive for excellent...hopely. My report for previous year...yes, one achievement at the national level. Other,Excellent Service Award 2008 received on July 2009.

My work time table more than last year given that I think a huge obstacles for other ideas to realized..gush... not equally with the obligations asked. This what happened at previous work place, when I'm excel at the current work place..they were complaints"Why this fellow not doing that here before?". The key point here is TIME. I don't have time to contribute my ideas.

Yes, I have anonymous ideas that now I believed all can be realized just when I'm being a leader..bosslah..hahaha... or if I have a leader that he or she is idealism. My characteristic nowadays is idealistic because the lack of TIME and POWER. Others are TRUST and FAITH. I know that I'm a person that easy to misunderstood because what I heard from other person that me not a person that likely doing something conventionally(?).

What so ever, I believed that's my destiny and I'm not loosing. Hopely when I transferred to other school(maybelah), I do not heard the same stated.."Why this fellow not doing like that before?"

Lastly, my mind says "When I'm being a billionaire?" Yes.."Why not?"... PERHAPS, one day...