Tuesday, January 5, 2010

first day job on 2010

PERHAPS, this year of 2010 begin with full of gratitude to Allah SWT. Inspired by the 'aura' given by surrounding whispered to say.."Carrying on my dear"...Enthusiasm to strive for excellent...hopely. My report for previous year...yes, one achievement at the national level. Other,Excellent Service Award 2008 received on July 2009.

My work time table more than last year given that I think a huge obstacles for other ideas to realized..gush... not equally with the obligations asked. This what happened at previous work place, when I'm excel at the current work place..they were complaints"Why this fellow not doing that here before?". The key point here is TIME. I don't have time to contribute my ideas.

Yes, I have anonymous ideas that now I believed all can be realized just when I'm being a leader..bosslah..hahaha... or if I have a leader that he or she is idealism. My characteristic nowadays is idealistic because the lack of TIME and POWER. Others are TRUST and FAITH. I know that I'm a person that easy to misunderstood because what I heard from other person that me not a person that likely doing something conventionally(?).

What so ever, I believed that's my destiny and I'm not loosing. Hopely when I transferred to other school(maybelah), I do not heard the same stated.."Why this fellow not doing like that before?"

Lastly, my mind says "When I'm being a billionaire?" Yes.."Why not?"... PERHAPS, one day...

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