Friday, January 22, 2010

This what happened in some of the agency that thought that the clients are nothing but them. Instead of lying to say what ever they wish the clients believed but forced to believed. Unfortunately their loosed their opportunity with an assumption the clients will not know. I have called the BSN Credit Card Centre for info regarding something, the Customer Service giving a huge mistake by saying the unfortunately respond by stated that I'm buying this with extra RM7.00++ instead by the way the receipt beside me and say this what happened... That is the BSN. Then, The Proton Service Centre at Bercham,Ipoh Perak called Gerak Roda Services have charging more than it should have with hopeless service. Just for your information, there also say no warranty at all after the sales... But the bills show vise verse with 6 months or 10000km which earlier in term of warranty periods.
The Supervisor at first when I asked for Proton Service, all parts need replaced with not assure there will be replaced if damages. Gush..what the terrible hopeless junkyard(sorry). I don't like this particular fellow and the service centre.
Everything need money but for Malaysian in service field need to analyzed this bad behaviour. We will not globalized by saying with no truth at all. I have seen many years of the business that sustained with good service and sound of honours that pictures by their clients. Good lying must come with good and quality service.
However, if I'm mistaked that some parties feels. You must now I'm the client. So client is always right.

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