Saturday, October 18, 2008

It's Very Hard Way

Salam Hormat and Good Day,

Past weeks I have made a promised to myself to made a schedule including unknown days but perhaps, I tell you it's hard and so hard to make it real. So for that, I'm apologized, really from my bottom of my heart. However, I'll try some days... maybe. Another things, I'm really busy, year 2008 end just around the corner, so many things to cover up, finish up and so on...for perfect finishing touch..hahaha.

Alright, on last Wednesday and Thursday, I have attended two series in-house training by the tittle... Management of HEM by one of PPD staff. I'm not sure whether it's really HEM operation explanations or really we already known all the task supposedly by HEM for two days lectures.

Let see, for Wednesday's contents we have been told about:
1. Lecturer or Speaker backgrounds.
2. Contents in his laptop that various.
3. The table file regarding HEM...objectives, mission, all general things should have in the file.
4. Sexual harassment, types of disciplinary, rules and regulations of standardization (2009).

Then, on Thursday:
1. Food and Hygiene.
2. Canes Crime Punishments.
3. Q&A

There is only one question:
How to apply to be a police volunteer?

So, guys..what do you it relevant?


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