Friday, May 1, 2009


my brother's gift

Assalamualaikum wbr, Hi ,

The short holiday this friday through saturday giving a chance for short vacation including attending wedding ceremony, khenduri. In sequel for loving romance relationship, that peak in marriage.
I presumed that most of us will get busy for so many things when khenduri are held. Even for those that chartered to entrepreneurs for preparation of wedding days still have others thing to do.

my wedding day with both family

I imagine how it to be alike if the ceremony in small sized just invited few friends, neighbours and kins. I felt it is not satisfied. Pepole says small budgeting small debts. I tell you it is not what we think alike what we thought. The coming days arrived, we have so many ideas then felt loss, unsatisfied.

Picture 1:my brtoher waiting to be a husband
Picture 2: I'm a husband...

Actually, after inviting particular people to joint the ceremony. We think that need extra things, then we invited more invitation, it become big, bigger and biggest.

my wife for 7++ years

In Islam, our prophet, quoted, that we need to do a khenduri for wedding as minimal as a goat being menu for the day. So, do not need to over expenses for fullfil the desired. But, it's hard to say, it really need good strenght hold the principe without too think for what people says, even, they are not saying anything.

Especially for those who have high power purchased, it is even harder to do a small khenduri. However, the important things... is happiness for the whole life thinking the memories of wedding days. Some how it will given the strenght in the relationship by open the album or film showing how happy we are when there is issues that not settled or some argued arised

Congratulation to my brother for men's side wedding day on 2 Mei 2009.

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