Friday, April 24, 2009

The 4th Months Job Story

Hi and Assalamualaikum wbr...
I'm so glad to write this time for so long not concerned my personal blog. Perhaps, maybe perhaps some how good returned for all of us(?).
I'm being urged to give notes today because Mr. Naim have asked my blog not updated for so long. Yes, I'm still same as before busy...really busy with school tasks that never end. I'm being appointed as PPDa's in charged. Then, I'm busy for further on. But quiet wierd, I'm not feeling bored like before.
I think because of new school and new excitement encourage me to follow with the rules. What rules? Hahaha... It's quiet diffcult to answer.
As I said before early year, that I'm very humble person and just to have peace of minds. Please guys... We just earn for a leaving right? But for me as working in this noble field, I'm glad to say, I'm satisfied and I'm pleased with my boss, my management pupils, teachers and ofcause my students... Opps! Yes, I'm a teacher and try very hard and delicated to be a good teacher. Try very hard to teach my students and perhaps help them seeking bright futures.
Acknowledgement for those just read or my new followers please visit Special blog for my school that perhaps give a huge an advantage to gain award and recognition for state and national level.
I just tried aggresively with fully awareness of pupils negative assumptions, I just new here and still learning in accomodate searching suitablelity in this new environment ecspecially with human here...hahaha what a words. Sorry guys, I',m appologize, I just write with my heart not with my brains to care with grammitically in-term.
Bye-bye then.

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