Tuesday, January 13, 2009

New Year Desires


First at all, I'd like to give my thanks very much to my previous school community for giving me such experiences that will never forget for the whole of my life. I'm very appreciated person that will remember everything goodness or unfortunate events. But for sure for my ex-school always for the best memories.

I'm so relief and being glad to say that new school or new places for us to be there somehow is good for us. New environments, new friends, new pupil met... somehow give new perspective in our new life. Especially for this new year,2009.

Another things that, we can assure whither our skills develops and gains before are truly assisted us to be an island or trash at another places. Perhaps, I'm being reembark to be one of the model that appreciated most, not the hate most. I'm humble person and just to be or to have mind peace.

Just for information... will try until the time is running to stop. Wassalam wbr

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