Thursday, June 2, 2011

Prices UP!

Assalamualaikum wbr.

I've not published any statements after my daughter's birth. The main reason is, no motivation :) .

But, I want to give an opinion regarding the increased prices season
for some user products such as sugar, fishes, chickens ect. Newly, electric tariff that increased for slightly particular kilowatts that doubts.

I have received my current bills that shows 'already increased' with mostly RM60-80 to RM100++ with the same, normal consumptions. I questioned myself whether this is the 'test' for randomized customer. It's can be?

I urged myself by looking the meter and finds nothing to interpreted. But, one day when I'm shopping at the Tesco, there are kiosks that one of its are introducing electric inverter. The salesperson inform me how efficient of this product. He told me that the electricity's bill are high because of so many reasons but, the one reason that I interested is the cause of the electricity wave that not stabilized that caused of uprising meter to uphold the stabilized of electricity consumptions.
So, I want to ask this to the TNB by email but I do not find any email in the TNB web page except address and phone number. It's likely to say that TNB should do something to stabilized the wave before increased the electricity charged. Do you think so?

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